You know when you are at a party meeting new people and conversation is stilted and folks are all quizzing each other with, “What do you do?”  So you go through the occupations,  “Oh, I’m a grocery clerk.  Oh, I’m a butler, a dishwasher, a book reviewer, I bake, bicycle repairman, I work in high tech, medical equipment.”  Finally you might say, “painter”.  The follow up question will certainly be, “Do you paint houses?”  Then I have to answer, “Sometimes.”

So, dear visitor to this website, you now know ABOUT ME.  I paint.  If this site was more sophisticated I would know about you.  But, alas, it is not and I do not.  Just as well, I guess.

Another thing ABOUT ME – I rarely paint animals.  They are fine just the way they are.   My subjects are mostly human, (aren’t we all?)

Folks look at these paintings and may remark, “It looks just like him” or “She doesn’t look real.”  I never know what people will say.  MORE ABOUT ME – I might not be a realist.

Well, I’m flattered if you are still reading ABOUT ME.  (If you have questions ABOUT ME, (I do), send me an e-mail.